Calls Mounting for Scrutiny of Prepaid Cards Pitched to Kids

Martha C. White
Twilight prepaid MasterCard
Twilight prepaid MasterCard

Here we go again. Just last month, we told you how the Kardashian-branded prepaid debit card -- the one with a nearly $100 fee for a year's worth of use -- was yanked after an indignant attorney general threatened to open an investigation. Although this card is gone, the marketplace today resembles a game of debit card whack-a-mole: As soon as one disappears, more pop up in its place.

Despite the furor over the Kardashian card, a site called Myplash is still hawking prepaid cards customizable with logos and famous faces of all sorts, from stars of the tween hit Twilight movies (launched in June) to rappers to cute cartoon characters. While not as pricey as the Kardashian-branded offering, the prepaid debit MasterCards sold by Myplash still take a hefty chunk of change out of teens' pockets. Activating one costs around seven bucks, the monthly fee is roughly $5 and it costs $1.50 for ATM withdrawals. Want to dispute a charge? That costs a hefty $15.

Myplash did not respond to a request for comment.