Cafe World Prep for the New Year Mission: Everything you need to know

Along with the New Years Party missions in Cafe World (the length of which you guys have made very clear that you don't appreciate; we can't blame you), Zynga has added another themed mission to the game. This newest mission is called "Prep for the New Year," and it comes with a very hefty requirement; so much so in fact that Zynga has even described the mission as being for "expert" players:
Before you can welcome a new year, you've still got so much to do this year! Only expert chefs can get it all done.
The mission requires you to complete three large tasks, but don't worry - we have everything you need to know to make this mission as painless, and quick, as humanly possible. Meet us behind the break for all of the details about this new mission.The three tasks for this mission are as follows:

Earn 90,000 coins
Spice 30 Neighbor Stoves
Prepare 200 Stuffed Mushrooms

Before you start panicking over the third stipulation - the preparation of 200 Stuffed Mushrooms, rest assured that we've figured out a quick and easy way to complete this step with ease, even if it will cost quite a bit of money to do.

While the other steps are simple enough (simply serve enough dishes to earn 90,000 coins, and visit neighbors 30 times to spice dishes - if you don't have enough neighbors, visit the same neighbors over multiple days), the Stuffed Mushrooms portion takes a bit of an explanation.

While you are more than welcome to attempt to actually prepare, cook, and serve 200 Stuffed Mushrooms (that's 200 individual preparations of the entire Stuffed Mushrooms dish - not 200 servings), we doubt that many users have enough stoves, time, or even patience to wait around for them to cook. Stuffed mushrooms take an entire day to cook, and even if we said that the average user has 20 stoves on hand (lower level players would of course have much fewer), that would still take a player 10 days to finish the quest. 10 days of doing nothing by cooking Stuffed Mushrooms over and over again. That doesn't sound like the most enjoyable gameplay experience to us, but luckily, if you have 360,000 coins that you are willing to spend without receiving any return, you can take advantage of the wording provided by this quest.

Since it only says to "Prepare" the Stuffed Mushrooms dish, you can simply add the dish to a stove, toss it, and cook it again. I personally used this technique, so I can confirm that it works. Ultimately, whether you do cook each dish to completion, or just toss it, you'll be spending the 360,000 coins either way; it's whether or not you want to receive any profit in return that will be the deciding factor here.

Whatever the case may be, once you complete this mission, you'll receive 5,000 coins, and 5,000 Cafe Points. Needless to say, the rewards here (especially the Cafe Points), make this one worth completing. And with our helpful tips on how to work the system, you too should be able to complete this mission with ease, before it expires from the game.

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What do you think of this new mission in Cafe World? Is the 200 Stuffed Mushroom requirement too much, or are you willing to lose some coins just to say you've completed the mission? Let us know in the comments.
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