Trader Joe's: Six Figures for Assistant Managers

trader joes
trader joes

The secrets to Trader Joe's success are finally being discovered by analysts in the food industry, reports CNN Money. The analysts dug around to find out why Trader Joe's stores sell twice as much per square foot as Whole Foods does, why towns push for the chain to come set up shop there, and why it already has 344 stores in 25 states.

A key element to their success, the sleuths discovered, has been their employees. Trader Joe's has been able to keep its work force engaged, be it with the customers and their kids or the unique offerings that stock its shelves. It's this engagement that acts as the platform for creating that funky ambiance customers find inside a Trader Joe's store -- the one that transforms the usually dull experience of shopping for groceries into fun.

No surprise, then, Trader Joe's compensates all employees well, including the part-timers. An assistant store manager can earn six figures. Full time clerks, who are called "crew members," can start in the $40,000 to $60,000 range. On top of that base pay, Trader Joe's makes an annual contribution of 15.4 percent of the employee's gross income to a tax-deferred retirement account. Some part-timers receive benefits as well. The company encourages its employees to ask for training to get ahead. You can check the career portion of the Trader Joe's website for more information on what it's like working for the company.

Since Trader Joe's is expanding, there are currently a good number of openings. The question is whether they are hiring in your location. One way to find out is to pop over to your local store with your resume in hand. Before you do, observe operations and figure out first-hand the values that Trader Joe's embraces. When you talk with the assistant manager, demonstrate your familiarity with their product lines, and your belief in the importance of healthy eating for living a full life.

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