Snowed Under: Job Number One for Politicos

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is already plowed under by criticism of how his administration is responding to the Blizzard of 2010. The ambitious governor of New Jersey Chris Christie aka Governor Sandwiches is also taking it on the chin for vacationing at Disneyland as his state continues to struggle with the aftermath of the storm.

This perception by the public and by the media that the leaders were unresponsive could bury both careers. That's exactly what happened to Chicago mayor Michael Bilandic. Hammered for not getting the streets cleared fast enough, Bilandic lost the election to Jane Byrne in 1979. That also did in Newark, New Jersey mayor Cory Booker who was photographed beside a Florida pool as the Storm of 1962 paralyzed his city. His opponent Hugh Addonzio won the election.

Perhaps the number one job for political leaders is to get their areas back to normal after a snow storm. Not doing so seems to be the unforgivable crime against the people. They will overlook systemic corruption sooner than inadequate attention to plowed streets.

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