Myth or Fact: Perennial Workplace Advice

workplace advice
workplace advice

What's True and What's False

At some point in my youth, someone told me that the Great Wall of China was the only structure built by humans that is visible from outer space. I don't remember who told me, but it was someone I trusted, as I committed the fact to memory. Chances are this person thought it was true and wanted to share the knowledge.

Many years later I learned that this bit of trivia is false. I was initially disappointed that something that sounded so cool wasn't true. I then wondered how many people I had innocently lied to over the years.

Evidently, workplace advice is not that different. Plenty of the wisdom passed on from one worker to another isn't necessarily true. The advice givers are often trying to help out the newcomers, but sometimes they only perpetuate myths that don't help anyone.