Job Description: Starve


Isabelle Caro, the French model who fell into a coma when her weight hit 55 pounds in 2006, died at age 28. After she recovered from that illness, Caro campaigned against voluntary starvation or anorexia so prevalent in the fashion industry, reports the Daily News.

That campaign was controversial. She appeared naked on billboards and in print media when weighing 68 pounds. The Italian government banned that advertising because, it claimed, the provocative imagery exploited anorexia. Caro also gave interviews on talk shows and specials such as 'The Price of Beauty.' During her activism, though, she never fully regained her health.

The other side of this coin is, of course, the global epidemic of obesity. Had Carol lived, she might have gone on to educate everyone on planet earth about the ways of sensible eating. Fat in the workplace is protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. But there is no protection against the ambitions of those in glamor professions willing to starve to death to succeed.