Godswar Online: Facebook game and MMO unite

Godswar Online
Since free-to-play massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) like Maple Story and Dungeons and Dragons Eberron Unlimited gained popularity in the U.S., their similarities with Facebook games became crystal clear. Each are free to play and download, both have item shops that deal in real world currency, and finally, most are playable on a wide range of computers. In short, it was only a matter of time before the two worlds merged, and Godswar Online, developed by Kalydo and IGG, aims to do just that.

The two companies have brought the Grecian-themed MMO to Facebook using Kalydo technology, which allows complex 3D games to run directly in the browser without a full download. However, a small Java applet download is required to play Godswar Online. Do that and soon enough you'll be in the thick of an ancient war between Athens and Sparta complete with wizards, minotaurs and walking tree creatures. Alright, so none of that really happened, but it makes for a pretty robust, entertaining Facebook game. Is it even a Facebook game?

See for yourself in our impressions after the break.

Character Creation
Through and through, Godswar Online is an MMO. With customizable, full-3D characters, four playable classes (warriors, champions, priests and wizards) and full quest and combat systems, this game could be described as nothing else. Frankly, this is going to be a shock for folks who have only played games like FarmVille or FrontierVille seriously. While seasoned MMO players will have no issue with navigating the game, fully aware of common MMO tropes and tendencies, those new to this type of game might go cross-eyed from looking at the walls of text, the littered icons and randomly moving shapes that resemble children in battle armor.

And that's exactly why the Newbie Guide is here to help. A series of pop ups that tell players exactly what to do and where to click, it's pretty tough to get lost in this game with the Newbie Guide around. The guide will hold your hand as you complete quests, which are visible at any time by pressing the scroll icon on the bottom right of the screen. Quests are the primary mode of advancement in Godswar Online like in most MMOs, granting players precious Experience Points along with new armor, weapons and skills. Those will be extremely useful if not vital in combat with the various monsters of Godswar Online.

Ranging from your standard deer to vicious tree creatures and quaint pixie fairies, there are a ton of mythical beasts to slay in the world of Ancient Greece. Fighting enemies is simple enough, requiring a double click of an enemy. Aside from clicking on your various combat skills mapped to the center area on the bottom of your screen, your character will take care of the rest. While the combat may sound a bit dry, things will spice up as you gain more abilities and when monsters become more difficult to defeat, requiring you to team up with fellow players to defeat them.

All of this probably sounds somewhat daunting, so IGG and Kalydo included a feature in the game known as the Search function. In the text of any given quest and through the Search menu beneath the mini map, players can click on highlighted portion of text to cause their character to walk in the direction of the item, place, person or monster it refers to. Think of it as effortless navigation to nearly anywhere in the game. Better yet is an AFK, or away from keyboard, option. This setting, activated by clicking on the small crossed swords icon above the action bar lining the bottom of the screen, will automatically cause your character to endlessly attack monsters if he or she is surrounded by them. Just set the skills you want your avatar to use, select healing and mana (a resource used for skills) potions for automated use, and press "Start." Go read a book, make a sandwich and watch the Experience Points flow in.

City Life in Godswar
Keep in mind that the entire game, including combat, occurs in real time. Just about everyone you see in the game is an actual player. However, this raises somewhat of a conundrum. Godswar Online, because it's successfully crossed genres, seems to be having trouble figuring out what it is. In the traditional sense of play time limitations, gifting and News Feed posts, this is not a social game. Though, with full blown guild (persistent groups of players with similar interests) support, the ability to add friends within the game and the need for adventuring parties to defeat larger monsters in real time, perhaps this is a social game in another sense.

In the sense that it allows for natural social connections through real time gameplay where players will face obstacles that require them to join forces. Players don't necessarily need friends to play Godswar Online, but at least they can make them on their own terms. Whether this type of game can survive on Facebook has yet to be seen, but Godswar Online certainly makes a strong first step in a potential new direction for social games--or whatever we're supposed to call them these days.

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