Cafe World New Years Party Goals: Everything you need to know

The countdown to the new year has officially started in Cafe World, as Zynga has launched a completely new mission line entitled "New Years Party" that will have you, you guessed it, preparing a grand celebration for the coming of the new year for all of your cafe's guests.

This mission series consists of eight parts, will reward you with three new and exclusive recipes, and will challenge you through a Catering Order. We have everything you need to know about how to complete these various goals behind the break.The New Years Party missions are labeled as I-VIII, so we'll start, of course, with New Years Party I. This mission asks you to complete three steps:

Place the Champagne Tower
Earn 500 Coins
Prepare 5 Club House Sandwiches

The Champagne Tower must be retrieved from the "Special Items" menu - the blue gem that rests alongside the menus for adding stoves and counters for your Cafe. The item is free, and takes up a single square in your cafe. The table will be empty when you place it, and you're given a brief hint as to how to fill it with glasses, and eventually Champagne - that being to simply continue completing these New Years Party Goals.

As for the Club House Sandwiches, you don't actually have to let the meal cook - you just need to set it cooking on five stoves.

The rewards for completing this first mission are 500 Cafe Coins and 500 Cafe Points.

Completing Part I instantly unlocks Part II, which asks you to complete three more steps:

Get 2 RSVPs
Buy a New Year Buffet Table
Visit 2 Neighbors

RSVPs are earned by clicking on the "Ask" button and then sending an individual gift request to those friends that you think would most likely help you out. If this is like the Holiday Dinner Party event (we assume it is), your friends will only be able to help you one time by sending RSVPs - after all, how can a friend RSVP to the same party twice in the real world?

The New Year Buffet Table, meanwhile, can be purchased from the store for 50,000 coins. It is a single square item, and you can store it instantly after purchasing it, if you don't like the look of the item in your cafe.

The reward for this second mission is a single Cafe Cash.

Part III of the New Years Party Missions introduces a new recipe to the game, that is exclusive to this event. The recipe is the Mini Crab Cakes, and you'll need to unlock it by collecting various amounts of three ingredients:

Get 10 cans of Crab Meat
Get 5 cups of Parmesan Cheese
Get 2 cups of Olive Oil

All three of these tasks can be completed by clicking on the "Ask" button next to that ingredient, and then sending individual gift requests to your Cafe World neighbors, or at least the ones that you think will actually help you.

As we said, the reward for this mission is the Mini Crab Cakes recipe, which is a 9 hour dish. It costs 2100 coins to cook, and serves 450 at a price of 10 coins per serving, for a return of 4500 coins. The dish can be mastered, but remember, if you don't unlock it through these missions before they expire, you won't have access to the dish until (if) Zynga decides to re-release it later on.

Part IV of the mission requires you to earn more guests for your New Years Party, along with buying more decorations:

Get 6 RSVPs
Buy 1 New Year Divider
Serve 10 Cups of Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale is available to serve from the Drink Bar for 22 Energy, which supplies you with 6 cups, while the New Year Divider is available to purchase in the game's store for 15,000 coins.

Part V of the mission series asks you to collect even more recipe ingredients, and as of this writing, we're assuming that this is the mission that allows you to unlock one of the two other recipes available through this event, the Beef Skewers.

Get 15 Skewers
Get 10 Tablespoons of Sesame Seeds
Get 10 Bunches of Green Onions

The Beef Skewers recipe is available to cook for 2,880 coins, and you only need to be level 8 in order to cook it. We'll make sure to give you more cooking details about this dish as they become available.

For part VI of the mission set, you'll need to add even more friends to your party, by collecting another set of RSVPs, along with collecting more general items.

Get 10 RSVPs
Get 10 Bay Leaves
Get 5 Lemons

Moving on to Part VII, we believe this will be the mission that rewards the third and final New Years recipe, the Salmon Rillettes. As you might expect, this mission requires you to collect various ingredients in order to unlock this new recipe.

Get 10 Loaves of Stale Bread
Get 10 Cups of Milk
Get 10 Cups of All Purpose Flour

Again, you'll be able to ask your friends for these items. The Salmon Rillettes recipe is available to cook for 2,786 coins and is available to users that have reached at least level 2.

Last but not least, you'll finish the New Years Party missions by completing Part VIII, which sees you adding to the Champagne Tower / Table that you purchased way back in the first mission. You'll also need to "Cater" a New Year's Party, which is a new catering order in the game. Here are the two goals as they are listed in the game:

Cater the New Year's Bash
Get 20 Bottles of Champagne

And there you have it! A very in-depth and somewhat complicated mission set in Cafe World, made even more complicated by the addition of a Catering Order in the very last mission. We won't blame you if you feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of completing all of these tasks, as we're feeling a bit stressed ourselves, considering the time sensitive nature of these missions in the game. However, Zynga has been known to be rather generous in allowing users to have time to complete these goals, even after their respective holidays have passed, so don't give up hope!

Find the rest of our New Year's coverage right here.

What do you think of these New Years Party goals in Cafe World? Too difficult? Too simplistic? Let us know in the comments.
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