Zynga releases Chinese FarmVille with surprisingly few changes

Chinese FarmVille
Chinese FarmVille

It was only a matter of time before Zynga introduced China to the farm. It was reported recently that a Chinese FarmVille has appeared on Facebook, already roping in over 300 thousand players, according to Inside Social. While previous Zynga localizations like Zynga Texas Poker, a Chinese version of Zynga Poker, were mere translations, this rendition of FarmVille was built from the ground up for its audience.

However, not much has changed aside from the language, if images like this are any indication. Animals and farmers generally look the same, but the FarmVille interface has received some changes to its color palette and the plots of farmland appear to be much larger than in the U.S. version. If anything, this is a sure sign that Zynga's focus has gone global. Especially considering a Japanese version of FarmVille, known as Farm Village, is on the way. And don't forget that CityVille launched in five languages earlier this month. As CityVille inches closer to FarmVille's former peak with 69.8 million monthly players, it might not be long before the city reaches across the Pacific.

[Source and Image Credit: Inside Social Games]

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