Top 10 Most Powerful Moms of 2010

Moms are a force of nature, a force in business, and a force in the government and military. Working moms face the ultimate challenge of trying to have it all but these women balance it with such skill, grace and amazing talent that it seems effortless.

Read through this list of the top ten most powerful moms of 2010, courtesy of, and then tell us about the most powerful mother you know in the comments.

1. Angela Braly, Wellpoint

Mother of three (all teenagers) Angela Braly didn't let the male-dominated and intensely scrutinized healthcare industry intimidate her as she rose to the top of one of the country's largest health benefits companies. She's been CEO since 2007, overseeing the coverage of more than 35 million Americans.

2. Kim Clijsters, Professional Tennis Player

Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters quit the sport to start a family with her husband and had a daughter in 2008, but in 2009 decided to return to competition. She beat the infamous Williams sisters and went on to win the US Open title that very same year.

3. Susan Hockfield, PhD, President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Susan Hockfield, PhD is setting an example for her 18 yr old daughter that women can be anything they want, especially scientists. Not only did she break several barriers when became the 16th President of MIT but in the course of her scientific career she also discovered an important gene relating to the development and potential treatment of brain cancer.

4. Brigadier General Michelle Johnson, Director of Strategy, Policy, Programs and Logistics of the US Transportation Command, US Air Force

Brigadier General Michelle Johnson is mom to twin 10 yr old boys and has been pioneering the way for women in the military by setting records and woman "firsts" ever since her cadet days in the U.S. Air Force Academy. General Johnson recently led a deployed air refueling squadron in operation Iraqi Freedom.

5. Senator Amy Klobuchar, United States Senator

Senator Amy Klobuchar is using her power in the US Senate to protect her 14 yr old daughter as well as every American child by writing and voting on legislation that helps make public schools safer and prepares young children to be successful in the country's educational system.

6. Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo Inc.

Listed as #1 on Fortune's 2010 "50 Most Powerful Women" list, not only does Indra Nooyi worry about how her two daughters, 26 and 17, are doing but she heads a company with over $60 billion in revenue and 200,000 employees worldwide .

7. Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States

The most visible and well-known working mother in the country, Michelle Obama has been leveraging her influence against childhood obesity (among other things) and keeps her daughters Malia (12) and Sasha (9) grounded by assigning them daily chores and keeping close tabs on how they're doing in school.

8. Kathleen Rogers, President of the Earth Day Network

Kathleen Rogers leads the group that makes Earth Day possible and more than a billion people participate worldwide every year. With two children of her own and one recently adopted from the Ukraine, she works hard to educate the public and her own family about important environmental issues and inspire them to get involved.

9. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg may have founded Facebook, but its financial success can largely be attributed to COO Sheryl Sandberg. She came from Google, and with two young children at home has played an integral role in shaping social networking as we know it.

10. Katie Couric, CBS News

After co-hosting the Today Show for 15 years, Katie Couric made the controversial decision to leave and become the first female lead news anchor, of a major evening news program. After a rocky start Couric has established herself in the position and also acts as managing editor, having considerable say over what news is covered and how. All while being a single mom to two teenage daughters.

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