The Best Travel Videos of 2010

The Best Travel Videos of 2010

There was no lack of buzz in the world of travel in 2010. Luckily there was no shortage of videos to email around the office, either.

Through the wonder of camera phones, it was easy for us to be right there with the passengers and spectators. And we could always count on someone to get a little creative (thanks, Saturday Night Live!). So here we toast the top travel videos that helped keep us sane in the topsy-turvy world of land, air, and sea this year.

1. Cebu Pacific Air Dancers
We are big believers that into every person's life, a little Lady Gaga should enter. So this little performance by flight attendants on a Cebu Pacific Air flight is right up our alley. And really, who among us hasn't thought that the flight rules could use an update, anyway. If we're going to sit around and listen to talk about life jackets and air masks and emergency evacuations, we might as well listen to some jazzy music while doing it. Check out our list of the most entertaining flight safety announcements to see what other airlines got our undivided attention.

2. A Message from the TSA
No one was happy when new regulations put full-body scanners and enhanced pat-downs in multiple airports at the end of this year, but we were happy that we at least got a new Saturday Night Live skit out of it. Next time you find yourself pulled aside by a TSA official for a friendly pat-down when heading through security, try to think of this video -- it will at least provide you with a few seconds of much-needed comic relief.

3. Giant Double Rainbow
Don't get us wrong -- we enjoy a good rainbow spotting just as much as the next guy (well, obviously not as much as this guy). And a double rainbow? I mean, who could ask for anything more? But this guy traveling through Yosemitebear Mountain must be in on something we don't know about rainbows. Is he laughing or crying? Who can tell? All we know is that he had us doing both (you know, crying from all the laughter) all day long the day we received it in our inboxes.

4. Airlines Go to the Races
It was only a matter of time before someone made flying an airplane into a competitive sport -- we just didn't see Xbox as being the first to bring us the entertainment of it. Still, what do you get when you cross four pilots and two planes with a bit of extra testosterone and an extra long runway? Turns out it's one funny cockpit match. Kids, don't try this at home.

5. Airline Commercial with a Punchline
With its subtle humor, this 30-second clip for a South African airline pokes fun at every tall person's nightmare when it comes to plane rides. The short space between seats, narrow walkway in the aisles, and limited headroom makes it hard for any person of a taller stature to travel comfortably. To all the tall people out there flying in such restricted conditions -- we salute you.

6. One Cheerful Flashmob
It has now become a personal life goal of ours to be somewhere, anywhere, where a flashmob is taking place. Especially if it happens to take place in an airport (and even more especially if it happens to be a Christmas flashmob, as well). You just can't help but stop and smile when you see this video. Unless, of course, you're the Grinch.

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