Mix Mafia Wars with an in-depth storyline and you have Chronicles of Herenvale on Facebook

An evil Lord is threatening to return to the land of Herenvale thanks to the Cult of Marras. A hero is needed to stop such a return, as the land will be overcome, and all goodness swept aside. You are that hero, if you'll answer the call of the Chronicles of Herenvale, a new game from the small Austin development studio Mososh, Inc.

The game is text based, with images as accompaniment, and would be perfect for those who use Facebook on a slower internet connection. For everyone else, the detailed storyline might be enough to draw one in for an extended period of time (as it has already worked to draw in more than 12,000 players in the short time the game has been available). Meet us behind the break to see if Chronicles of Herenvale is something you'd like to try.
The game offers some very (very) light character customization, in terms of allowing you to pick whether or not you are a girl or a boy, and to give yourself a name, but afterwards, you're quickly shoved into your first battle. You're told that you've come across a group of crows fighting some deadly worrocks. The worrocks are attempting to kill an innocent bystander, and you must turn the tide of the battle by jumping in on her behalf.

Attacks in battle are achieved by simply hitting the attack button. You'll use Energy for each attack you begin, and you'll receive experience points and gold (along with the occasional random loot drop) after you've successfully ended a conflict. Any loot items that can be equipped on your warrior are placed in your inventory, and you'll be able to equip these items from the Profile screen. Items have types, and your warrior's body is separated into zones, where only certain items can be equipped - one item in each particular zone.

As you go along, the story is played out through lots of text, and the world map is represented by various star markings on a stationary map. Impressive graphics, no, but the game's story seems to be a rather deep one, considering the nature of the title. As you earn experience points, you'll go up levels, increasing your maximum energy, allowing you to do more work in a single sitting. You'll also earn Stat Points that will increase your Energy even further, or can be manually assigned to a number of different traits, like Knowledge (increases your accuracy), Fortitude (health), or Strength, among others.

Just as Mafia Wars separates missions based on your progress in the game (chapters, regions, and so on), so too does Chronicles of Herenvale separate missions based on the storyline at the time. For a particular battle, it might be represented by a number of circular stars, with each stars representing a different stage of the battle. Only after you complete the steps necessary at each star within a particular cluster will you unlock the next step of the storyline.

Your quest will take you all through the land, with eight main cities, or areas, being represented as eventual travel points on the map, along with what appears to be a slew of other outcroppings where you can complete quests. You'll be able to purchase new equipment along the way, making your character even stronger, and giving you a better edge in battle.

As for social elements, you'll be able to add friends as "Allies," at which point you'll be given a better advantage in large battles, which increases depending on the number of Allies you happen to have at the time.

Chronciles of Herenvale will be incredibly familiar to those that have played Mafia Wars, or even (more specifically) Castle Age, as the fantasy storyline and unique monster races hearken back that particular title. Still, if you haven't tried a new text-based mission game in a while, Chronicles of Herenvale might be worth a shot.

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