Internet Job Postings Up Almost Double From Last Year

job interview Recent Internet job postings have hit the 4.7 million per-year mark, versus 2.7 million a year ago, reports The Wall Street Journal. This is just one of several indicators whose recent movements suggest that economic conditions might be starting to improve. In addition to job posting numbers, new claims for unemployment benefits are also down.

In correlation with these trends, several companies have started hiring recently. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP [PwC] is among this group of companies which have recently hired a significant number of new employees. Since the end of June, PwC has hired four times as many workers as it did during the same time period last year.

Among the companies looking for workers are:


Well Point Inc.

Science Applications International Corp.

Wells Fargo & Co.

Lockheed Martin.

Check the websites of the above mentioned companies to review what jobs are open and to determine if you'd be a good fit for them. Before you actually apply consider researching the organizations for insight about their corporate culture and values, as well as what services and products they offer.

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