Got Gifts You Don't Want? Time To 'Regift Them' on eBay

gift giving - regifting on ebayAs you ponder how to unload your unwanted holiday gifts, eBay reminds you that it's here and, odds are, you'll be glad it is. About 50% of folks who don't like a present they received for Christmas will either regift it or sell it, according to an eBay survey. Given that 300,000 signed up with eBay just days after Christmas in 2009, this is perhaps the ideal time to get rid of even those rhinestone sneakers that someone thought would be so adorable on you, assures eBay trend expert Karen Bard Sayah.Ring in the new year by parting with the unwanted and pocket a few bucks to pay off the credit card. Ebay also has a recently launched option called "Instant Sale" to hawk old electronics. You enter the model, make, specs and condition, and a qualified eBay buyer, who will pay for the shipping, quickly sets the cash price that can be dropped into your PayPal in two days.

Sayah gave WalletPop the following post-Christmas tips on how "to eBay" unwanted holiday gifts.
  • If you want to make sure that gift-givers will never know that you cashed in on their thoughtfulness, use a seller ID that isn't your actual name. Profiting from a present can be perceived by some as way worse than re-gifting, WalletPop believes.
  • Take a hard, honest look at what the fair-market value of your item is by checking out eBay's product catalog and similar goods up for sale on eBay. "You can get a good idea of what you can list it for," Sayah said.
  • "Take great photographs of the items" or use photos from the eBay's product catalog. Click here for details about the do's and don'ts of catalog photos.
  • Write concise, accurate descriptions. While you don't need to be a professional copywriter, a small note on how the buyer will benefit from certain items can enhance the appeal. Say you're selling a little black dress. You could write "great for that New Year's Eve bash or Valentine's Day dinner for two." One phrase evokes celebration and romance -- all in one form-fitting cocktail number. "But be straightforward with electronics," Sayah added. Stock wording from the eBay catalog can often suffice.
  • Send out the item wrapped and make sure that it's presented in an "aesthetically pleasing professional fashion." A note such as "I hope you enjoy this as much as I did" adds a personal service touch.
  • Set your expectations accordingly. You want to make a sale. You don't have to make a killing. WalletPop notes that even Olympic champions don't always get what they want for their hard-earned gold medals on the site. By the same token, don't underestimate what you have. Echoing what pawn-shop owners and auctioneers have chanted like a mantra for centuries, Sayah said, "One person's trash is another's treasure."
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