CityVille Sneak Peek: Bank, Pharmacy, Factory, Quick Stop, Gas Station


Earlier today, we found a slew of unreleased item images of new Businesses, Homes, and decorations that are likely to come to CityVille in the near future, but it turns out that the folks at CityVille Info haven't stopped there, as they have released images of even more as-of-now unreleased Businesses in the game.

The new Businesses are a Bank, Pharmacy, Factory (complete with smokestack), Quick Stop, and Gas Station. The Quick Stop appears to be some sort of a convenience store, while the Gas Station is a very cute little building with a single gas pump sitting outside. As for the Pharmacy, there are two supposed images available for the building, and we're not exactly sure which (if either) will be released as the final product in the game.

As usual with unreleased images, there are no guarantees that any of these items will officially launch in the game, or how you'll earn them. They could be available to purchase for coins or City Cash in the market; they could be available as rewards for Collections, or they could even be free gifts. We'll make sure to let you know all of the details around these new items if they do officially make it to the game.

[Source and Image Credit: CityVille Info]

Which of these items are you most looking forward to adding to your town in CityVille? Which other items would you like to see released in the game in the future? Let us know in the comments.