Cafe World Rock Concert Catering Order: Everything you need to know

Just in time for their in-game New Years celebration, Zynga has launched a new party-themed Catering Order in Cafe World entitled simply "Rock Concert!" This Rock Concert Catering Order will have you cooking a very special meal for some hard rockers, for a backstage party, so you'll need to bring a lot of food, and collection items in order to make the party a success.

The Rock Concert catering order will have you cooking three meals, along with collecting three different items to finish off the order. You'll have just three days to earn a three-star rating for this order, so make sure to meet us behind the break to find out everything you need to know about this new order before time runs out!

First and foremost, you'll have to cook three dishes for this Rock Concert order. You'll need to cook Vegas Buffet (a 9 hour dish) 138 times, Blood Sausage (a 6 hour dish) 100 times, and Overstuffed Peppers (a 12 hour dish) 138 times. You'll be able to bring 10 other people into this mission with you, bringing the total Catering Crew to 11 members. While 11 people may sound like a lot, if you only have one or two active members, you'll probably have a hard time finishing this mission within the three day time limit for the 3-star rating.

Aside from cooking, you'll also need to collect three items with the help of your friends. You'll need to ask them for 5 Concert Tickets, 9 Foam Rocker Hands, and 9 Guitar Picks. You can do so by clicking on the "Ask" button next to a particular item, and then sending individual gift requests to those friends that you think would be most likely to help you.

If you and your Crew can cook the required dishes, and collect the required items within three days, you'll receive the 3-star rating for the job, 9 Catering Points, 6,300 Cafe Points, 141,750 coins, and a Rock Concert Guitar decorative item. If you finish within three to five days, you'll receive 2 stars, 6 Catering Points, 4,500 Cafe Points, and 101,250 Coins. Finally, if you simply finish the mission at any point after the first five days, you'll receive 1 star, 3 Catering Points, 2,700 Cafe Points, and 60,750 coins.

If after a few days you find that your progress won't let you earn the star-rating that you'd like, you can instantly finish any of these tasks using Cafe Cash - 10 or 22 Cafe Cash for each of the dishes you'd like to complete, and then single amounts of Cafe Cash for each collectible you need to earn - 1 Cafe Cash for each Concert Ticket, and 4 Cafe Cash for each Foam Rocker Hand or Guitar Pick. Altogether, that would result in spending a pretty penny in premium currency, but if you're like us, and think that these missions have gotten harder over time, rather than easier, it might be a nice idea to consider.

As a final reminder, you don't have to start the Catering Order before starting dishes to cook. To make the most out of your three day time limit, make sure to cook a full round of food (we'd suggest the Stuffed Peppers, since they take the longest to cook) before starting the mission, so that you can instantly serve them and get a head-start on your overall progress.

What do you think of this New Years catering order? Have you stopped completing Catering Orders, or are you still as much involved with helping friends as ever? Let us know in the comments.
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