Some Economic Turnaround Expected in 2011

economic turnaround
economic turnaround

Next year is looking better than economists had been predicting. In fact, according to the The Wall Street Journal, some economists are now projecting that 2011 will be the strongest we've seen in three years. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have both projected four percent growth in 2011.

That new optimism is based on an increases in retail sales, industrial production, and factory orders. Additionally, unemployment claims seem to be falling, and the Federal Reserve has managed to keep interest rates low by buying government securities.

However, no one expects unemployment issue to disappear or for the housing market to fully recover, at least not in the near future. If you are currently struggling with unemployment you might consider looking for temp work which has been on the rise as of late. If you own a home, and your mortgage is currently under water, you're going to have to figure whether to tough it out or stiff the mortgage company.

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