What Message Is the Color You're Wearing Sending?

colors at work clothing
colors at work clothing

Bored at work? This summer, AOL Jobs will be publishing a career quiz every week to keep you entertained. This quiz was so popular with readers when it originally ran that AOL is republishing it.

You might want to think twice before you fall back on basic black every day. You may believe it looks classic and sophisticated, or maybe you're wearing it because it's just plain easy. But black could also be signaling to your co-workers that you're depressed, unimaginative, dark-spirited and/or lazy.

"The colors you wear in a professional setting are about so much more than mere fashion or style," says Sheila Dicks, professional style coach and founder of the Fashion Expert Network. "Colors send subconscious messages, and can affect your mood, as well as the mood of the workers around you."