Holiday Return Policies: What You Need to Know

a will return sign - holiday return policies
a will return sign - holiday return policies

Not all gifts opened this season were welcome ones. For those who unwrapped the fuzzy sweater from Aunt Rita that doesn't even fit, or the third copy of World of Warcraft, it's time to head to the return aisle. Before spending an hour in the customer service line, check out WalletPop's updated list of return policies for some popular, holiday shopping spots.

Many stores have extended return windows or created rules that apply to gifts bought before Christmas and returned after Dec. 25.

Policy: Most items shipped through December 31, 2010, may be returned until January 31, 2011, for a full refund. This policy allows a longer period than the company's typical 30 days. Amazon will cover the return shipping cost only if a mistake was made by Amazon.