FarmVille New Years Tree: Confetti Tree

Personally, we love the now frequent additions of extremely unique, or otherwise impossible-in-the-real-world trees that have been released in FarmVille over the past few weeks. Keeping with this new in-game theme of sorts is tonight's release of the Confetti Tree, a bright, colorful tree that has been released as part of the New Years theme of limited edition items.

The Confetti Tree costs 5 Farm Cash to add to your farm, and can be harvested once every 2 days. You'll gain just 15 experience points for purchasing the tree, but you'll also make 150 coins each and every time you harvest it (of course, the tree grows colorful clusters of confetti).

As of this writing, the rumors surrounding this tree are that if you add this level 1 Confetti Tree to an Orchard on your farm, you'll have a chance to spawning a level 2 Disco Ball Tree as a Mystery Seedling. We'll be sure to confirm or deny this as more information becomes available, but either way, Disco Ball Trees have begun showing up as Mystery Seedlings, so make sure to collect all that you see your friends posts on your news feed!

The Confetti Tree will be available in the game for the next 21 days, and for those that are still on a holiday kick, it can be decorated with Lights and Snow once you purchase it. The tree is masterable, with the first star of mastery being available after 75 harvests.

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What do you think of the Confetti Tree? Will you spend the Farm Cash to add this unique and colorful tree to your farm? Let us know in the comments.