FarmVille New Years Clothing: Tiaras, Top Hats, Party Dresses, and more!

With tonight's FarmVille update, we see the official launch of the New Years celebration in the game. Since most Winter Holiday items have already expired from the store, or are quickly on their way out of the proverbial door, it only makes sense that Zynga would make the most of the remaining year by releasing items allowing us to celebrate its end. Such items are now available in the Clothing section of the FarmVille marketplace, as seven new clothing items have been added to the game.

These items are those that you might remember seeing here in a FarmVille Sneak Peek, as we showed them to you back on the 18th of December (notice that some of those unreleased items are not in this release - are more items coming in the future?). For girl players / avatars, there is a Black Tiara, Silver Tiara, Gold Party Dress, Purple Party Dress, and a Silver Party Dress, all of which cost Farm Cash. Both of the Tiaras are available for 5 Farm Cash each, while the Party Dresses cost 10 Farm Cash each.

Meanwhile, boy players / avatars can be outfitted in either a Black Top Hat or a Silver Top Hat. Remember, boy avatars can unlock a full Tuxedo from within the Party Barn that was released in full last week. These top hats are both premium items, and would add an equally luxurious touch to your avatar's ensemble this New Years season. Both Top Hats can be purchased for 5 Farm Cash each.

All of these items will be available for a short while into the New Year - for the next 13 days, to be exact. Be sure to head into the game sometime before then if you want to make sure your in-game avatar can ring in the new year in style!

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What do you think of these New Years avatar costumes? Would you like to see other colors of party dresses or hats be made available? Let us know in the comments.