FarmVille Mystery Game (12/26/10): Best of Animals Week


If you're a big animal collector in FarmVille, you'll be happy to know that this week's Mystery Game has been released, and it contains a new set of six exclusive animals that are sure to set your zoological gene on fire. This week's game will cost 20 Farm Cash to play, for each individual dart you'd like to play, which is 4 Farm Cash more than the "normal" 16 Farm Cash price.

This week's game contains the following items that are up for grabs:

Baby Giraffe
Baby Zebra
Purple Mane Pony
White Lion Cub
White Unicorn
Camargue Horse

If you missed your chance at some of these items when they were released previously in the game (the Camargue Horse was released as part of the French Chateau theme, for instance), you'll want to make sure to try your hand at this week's Mystery Game, as there's no telling when (if ever) the items will make another reappearance in the game after this week.

Will you try your hand at this week's FarmVille Mystery Game? Which item are you hoping to earn for your animal collection? Let us know in the comments.