CityVille Collections Guide: Where to find items, and the rewards you'll receive


As most CityVille players have picked up on by now, there is a huge section of CityVille dedicated to the completion of item collections. Similar to the collections found in other Zynga games (FarmVille and FrontierVille, as examples), these collection items can be earned by simply playing the game. Collections are themed, and if you can find all five items in a particular collection in CityVille, you'll be able to trade those items in for a helpful goodie(s) in the game. These prizes can be Experience Points, Energy Refills, or even exclusive items businesses, and houses that can only be earned through trading in collections, among other things.

Meet us behind the break for a complete list of the current collections available in CityVille, including the buildings that you'll need to collect from to earn these items, and the prizes you'll receive if you complete the collections.