CityVille Collections Guide: Where to find items, and the rewards you'll receive

As most CityVille players have picked up on by now, there is a huge section of CityVille dedicated to the completion of item collections. Similar to the collections found in other Zynga games (FarmVille and FrontierVille, as examples), these collection items can be earned by simply playing the game. Collections are themed, and if you can find all five items in a particular collection in CityVille, you'll be able to trade those items in for a helpful goodie(s) in the game. These prizes can be Experience Points, Energy Refills, or even exclusive items businesses, and houses that can only be earned through trading in collections, among other things.

Meet us behind the break for a complete list of the current collections available in CityVille, including the buildings that you'll need to collect from to earn these items, and the prizes you'll receive if you complete the collections.

Collection items usually have about a 3 percent chance of being dropped when you collect rent from a business or house, or harvest a crop. Of course there are exceptions such as the Danish from the Desserts Collection which has a 13 percent chance of being dropped. We'll go through the collections in the Collections Menu, which can be accessed by clicking on the Present / Cardboard Box icon in the bottom right corner of the CityVille gameplay screen, and clicking on the Gold Collections trophy.

Retail Collection - Earned from Tofu Burger, Grocery Store (City Supermarket), Department Store
Reward: 3 Energy & 25 Goods

Houseware Collection - Earned from Appliance Store
Reward: 50 Coins & 25 Goods

Home Furnishings Collection - Earned from Furniture Store
Reward: 3,000 Coins

Home Entertainment Collection - Earned from Music Store
Reward: 3,000 Coins

Bookworm Collection - Earned from Bookstore
Reward: 50 Coins & 3 XP

Peaceful Living Collection - Earned from Cozy Cottage, Lake House, and Country Home
Reward: White Picket Fence (1% Bonus item)

Suburbia Collection - Earned from Family Townhouse, Suburban House
Reward: Red Dog House (1% Bonus item)

Main Street Collection - Earned from Loft Apartments, Stylish Contemporary Home
Reward: 50 Coins & 3 XP

City Life Collection - Earned from Terraced Apartments, Apartment Complex
Reward: 50 Coins & 3 XP

Rural Collection - Earned from Newlywed House, Ranch House, Rita's Country Home
Reward: 3 XP & 25 Goods

High Society Collection - Earned from Colonial Chalet, Modern Chateau, Sprawling Mansion
Reward: Driveway Gate (2% Bonus item)

Down Town Collection
- Earned from Hotel Suites, Upscale Condos
Reward: Tavern (Building requiring 80 Goods; rewards 352 Coins by default)

Jet Setter Collection - Earned from Skyscraper Condos, Glass Condos, Atrium Lofts, Penthouse Tower
Reward: Tuxedo Rental (Building requiring 125 Goods; rewards 575 coins by default)

Just Desserts Collection - Earned from Bakery
Reward: 50 Coins & 3 XP

Garden Collection - Earned from Flower Kiosk
Reward: Purple Flowers (1% Bonus item)

Early Riser Collection - Earned from Coffee Shop, Hot Cocoa Shop
Reward: 3 Energy & 50 Goods

Game Collection - Earned from Toy Store, Video Game Store
Reward: 50 Coins & 3 Energy

Fast Food Collection - Earned from Burger Joint
Reward: Gray Hen (1% Bonus item)

Comfort Food Collection - Earned from Diner
Reward: Hot Dog Cart (1% Bonus item)

Forever Young Collection - Earned from Cosmetic Store
Reward: Pink Flowers (1% Bonus item)

Watering Hole Collection
- Earned from Pool Hall, Tavern
Reward: 3 Energy & 3 XP

Fitness Collection
- Earned from Bike Shop
Reward: 50 Coins & 3 XP

Designer Collection - Earned from Shoe Store, Sunglasses Store, Handbag Store
Reward: 50 Coins & 3 XP

French Cuisine Collection - Earned from French Restaurant
Reward: Bird Fountain (9% Bonus item)

Surf and Turf Collection - Earned from Seafood Restaurant, Tower Eats
Reward: Black Cow (1% Bonus item)

Asian Cuisine Collection - Earned from Sushi Bar
Reward: Japanese Maple Tree (4% Bonus item)

Bridal Collection - Earned from Wedding Store, Tuxedo Rental
Reward: Newlywed House (Home offering 100 Population)

Silver Screen Collection - Earned from Cinema
Reward: Highway Billboard (9% Bonus item)

Convenience Store Collection - Earned from Corner Store
Reward: 3 Energy & 3 XP

Perfect Fit Collection - Earned from Seasonal Clothing Store, Chic Boutique, Laundromat
Reward: 50 Coins & 25 Goods

Bling Collection - Earned from Jewelry Store
Reward: 3,000 Coins

Corn Collection - Earned from Harvesting Corn Crop
Reward: White Goat (1% Bonus item)

Strawberry Collection - Earned from Harvesting Strawberry Crop
Reward: 50 Coins & 3 XP

Watermelon Collection - Earned from Harvesting Watermelon Crop
Reward: 3 XP & 25 Goods

Pumpkin Collection - Earned from Harvesting Pumpkin Crop
Reward: 3 XP & 3 Energy

Carrot Collection - Earned from Harvesting Carrot Crop
Reward: Gray Bunny (1% Bonus item)

Wheat Collection - Earned from Harvesting Wheat Crop
Reward: White Chicken (1% Bonus item)

Eggplant Collection - Earned from Harvesting Eggplant Crop
Reward: 50 Coins & 3 XP

Pea Collection - Earned from Harvesting Pea Crop
Reward: Corner Store (Building requiring 60 Goods; rewards 270 coins by default)

Cranberry Collection - Earned from Harvesting Cranberry Crop
Reward: 50 Coins & 3 XP

Lunar New Year Collection - Earned from Fireworks Shop, Noodle Shop, Martial Arts School (Dojo)
Reward: Country Pagoda

Remember, these collections are subject to change at any time, meaning that you may not always be able to find these items from the listed buildings - they might start randomly appearing from others. If / as things change with these collections, we'll make sure to update this space to ensure that you have the best possible information when trying to complete your own collections in the game. Happy collecting!

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How many collections have you completed in CityVille? Do you go out of your way to try and find the items required to turn them in? Let us know in the comments.
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