Best U.S. Airports for Layovers

More than 2,000 flights were cancelled after winter storms wreaked havoc on the East Coast, but there are actually some airports where travelers might not mind being stranded.

From shopping and food options to entertainment, there are a handful of airports that offer plenty of diversions.

A few examples: San Francisco International has a museum with rotating exhibits, the slot machines inside Las Vegas' McCarran International provide hours of fun (if you have the cash to spare), and the Disney characters running around Orlando International can tide over some fussy children during delays.

Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International may be the world's busiest airport, but there are also over 90 retail shops to browse while you wait to get from point A to point B. Order some food at one of the 110 restauraunts in the complex, and then work it off by walking the miles of tunnels that connect the terminals. On the other hand, if you are just looking to relax and let the layover pass, Charlotte/Douglas International features white rocking chairs next to big windows where you can sit and read a book or watch the planes land and depart.

Of course, with the highs come the lows. There are some nightmare airports where travelers dread getting stuck. For example, Kansas City International does not offer any amenities once travelers pass the security checkpoint, while other airports such as New York's JFK International may have entertainment or food options but are just too crowded and uncomfortable to make traveling pleasant. Finally, Washington Dulles International outside of Washington DC is too far-flung from any of the capital's tourist attractions, making it a disappointing place for long layovers.

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