FrontierVille 12 Days of Christmas Missions: Everything you need to know for day 6


If you've been able to regain enough energy from the festivities of yesterday, make sure to head into FrontierVille for a few moments to tackle today's newest mission in the ongoing 12 Days of Christmas event.

On the Sixth Day O' Christmas asks players to complete three tasks:

Tend two neighbor horses
Have one Mule Feedbag
Craft Six Presents

These first two tasks are fairly simple - simply find two friends that have a single horse, or a single friend that has more than one horse and then tend to those horses. It doesn't matter if you end up feeding or grooming the horses, as these both count as "tend" actions. As a reminder, Neighbor Jack has a Horse, if you can't find any on your friends' homesteads.

The Mule Feedbag is a part of the Mule Collection, and if you don't have one, you can always place the item on your wishlist and hope a friend has an extra to spare. Finally, crafting Presents can be done inside the general store - each Present requires 2 Ribbon and 5 pieces of Cloth to create (for a total of 12 Ribbon and 30 Cloth needed to finish this portion of the quest, if you don't already have any Presents on-hand).

The rewards for completing this mission are a free Mule and 600 Coins. You'll be able to share a Fruitcake with friends once you've completed it.

Make sure to check back with us tomorrow as we take a look at Day 5's mission!

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Until then, have you completed most of the other 12 Days of Christmas missions in FrontierVille? Which ones have been giving you trouble? Let us know in the comments.

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