FarmVille: Holiday Cow appears - remember to open your Christmas presents!


Merry Christmas farmers! While you're busy opening presents in the real world with friends and family, remember that Zynga has given all players a free gift inside your Holiday Tree in FarmVille! As we predicted earlier this month, the prize is the Holiday Cow, and you'll find it by clicking on the Holiday Tree, clicking on "Look Inside" and then opening the present you've been given by Zynga.

Additionally, any gifts that you've been given by friends (by those friends that redeemed some of their collected gifts, and then shared extras on their wall) are now also available to be opened. Remember to check inside your tree to see if you received any free Winter Whimsy gift boxes, Ice Homes, and the like - you wouldn't want to miss out on receiving these free items, now would you?

Any item that you receive, including the Holiday Cow, will go straight into your inventory, so make sure you have less than the 500 item limit in your inventory to be able to open them.

Happy Holidays!

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What did you receive from your friends for Christmas in FarmVille? Did you receive any presents in the real world that you'll be able to use in FarmVille? A FarmVille gift card, perhaps?