FarmVille: Free 20% extra Farm Cash with Game Card redemption


Did you receive a FarmVille Game Card for Christmas this year? Luckily, and generously, Zynga has made that Game Card worth even more, if you make sure to redeem it before the end of December 26. From now until the end of tomorrow, you'll receive a free 20% extra Farm Cash for any Game Card renewed.

For example, if you redeem a $20 FarmVille Game Card, you'll receive an extra 20% cash value - $4.00 in this particular example. With the current rate of exchange on purchasing Farm Cash outright, this will turn into around 20 extra Farm Cash that you'll be able to use on all sorts of premium goodies in the game, whether it be a decoration, instant grow on crops or trees, animals, or even some of the Holiday trees that have been released over the past month.

While stores might be closed today, if you don't yet have a Game Card, but want to get in on this bonus Farm Cash, head out to your local shopping centers tomorrow to find a Card in order to not miss out.

What will you use your free Farm Cash on? Let us know in the comments!