's Top Five Online Psychic Scams

Online psychic scamDubious psychics are nothing new, but around the time the Psychic Friends Network went bankrupt, telephone-based psychics began peddling their services on the Web. And thanks to the rise of social media, disgruntled customers are finding it easier to complain about them and warn others.

Consumer Ally partner SiteJabber's mission is to help people avoid fraudulent websites and find ones they love. And its users aren't shy about saying just why they hate or love a particular site. So we asked our friends at Site Jabber to provide us with a list of the Top 5 Online Psychic Scams.

Here they are, including comments from readers, which we've reproduced without any editing:Gabriella --
SiteJabber readers don't think much of, which received 24 negative reviews. Here's what Jessica H. had to say about her:

She is a fake and a phony and takes advantage of people who are lost and so low in their lives! Please help me! I'm in serious turmoil and am embarrassed to say that I paid $50 to her. Everything in that letter hit home for me personally. Please give me some advice as to how to fight this please!

Tara --
SiteJabber readers really unloaded on with no less than 40 scathing reviews. Here's what Frank C. had to say:

WOW what an awful scam. And to take money from folks who are having a hard time or have hit a bad patch in life. I guess there have been palm readers since the beginning of time. This is reminiscent of the "Miss Cloey" 900# scam. One look at this and you just know the claims are too good to be true, and "Tara" is based in Hong Kong? Give me a break. Here's your prediction from me, FREE today only: "I see credit card disputes in your future ... "
Although only garnered two reviews, neither of them are favorable. Here's what Krystyna J. had to say:

Not a trustworthy site -- Having looked through at many of these psychic/astrological sites, I decided to get a free reading from this 'jenna at'. This first free reading seemed very good and hooked me in to pay for my own personal report. I sent my money and was assured of a two day turn around for a 'comprehensive response'. Since then I have heard nothing, despite sending at least 20 emails. I have no other way of contacting this site, unless of course someone out there knows of a way of contacting these scam artists, as I can only imagine that this site is completely fabricated. received only one review, and it's not pretty. Here's what Gail S. had to say:

BEWARE, WARNING TO VISITORS :: Website owner Gail Summer will steal your money and ban you from the site after a certain time has passed. Gail also is not paying taxes that she should unbeknownst to the contracted psychics who have to pay it themselves. Gail has been getting away tax free for years. Help close the site down! Regular visitors to the site will notice a change in reconstructing of the psychics listed. Clients are being forced to read with other psychics rather than the ones they usually read with. BEWARE REGULAR CLIENTS! Gail is lying to you and making up stories that the psychic you usually read with is not available. also received just one review that's not exactly glowing. Here's what Julie M. had to say:

think twice before trusting this so called independent spellcasters review site - Given the fact this site, which reviews on line spellcasters claims to be an independent site, why is it then linked to another supposedly independent spell review site, who lists the same spellcasters, who have hundreds of complaints about them on the internet.The fact that the site is supposed to be put together by a group of intellectuals the grammer of the site is poor to say the least.

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