Mafia Wars FrontierVille Beaver Pelt Promo: Everything you need to know

Mafia Wars Beaver Pelts
Looking for some easy items to come by in Mafia Wars? Well, Zynga has introduced another of its infamous cross-promotions in the game involving FrontierVille. This time around, all you need to do is take a trip over to your New York properties and click on any of the four buildings that produce items, which includes the brand new Private Zoo.

Chop Shop FrontierVille Promo
From there, you'll see some brand new items on the first page, but they each require a unique part that you won't find on the streets of New York, but way out West on the frontier. Click on the "Get Part" button with the FrontierVille logo attached to get started.

Follow us after the break to find out how to nab these limited edition items.
A Day in the Life of a Beaver
Clicking the "Get Part" button will transport you to your FrontierVille game. Upon loading the game, you will instantly be greeted with a new Goal titled "A Day in the Life of a Beaver I." Thankfully, this Goal can be completed in minutes, especially if you're already a seasoned pioneer. You'll need to have or collect 15 Wood, clear one Stump from the homestead and have or purchase two Fences from the Market. As for that final requirement, you must clear one full tree and remove its Stump to get credit for it. In other words, old Stumps lying around on the homestead will not count. Once completed, enjoy 50 XP and 250 coins.

A Day in the Life of a Beaver II
The second Goal in this series, "A Day in the Life of a Beaver II," is simple enough. Just click on "Claim Reward" to be launched back into your New York Property page in Mafia Wars one Beaver Pelt richer. Then, enter any one of your production properties and notice that a "Build" button has replaced that "Get Part" button. Just click and you got yourself a nice weapon, vehicle, armor or animal with a permanent stat increase. That's right, all of the items in this promotion will permanent boost one of your stats, just see for yourself below. (If you want the rest of these promotional items, then follow these easy steps in all four production Buildings--the mission will be exactly the same.)

Bearskin Cloak

Venture Axe

Big Horn Sheep
As you can probably already tell, all of these items have the same exact stats on them. However, each provide a unique, permanent boost to either your Defense, Attack or Energy, making them well worth the effort for min/max players.

Have you acquired any of these cross-promotional items yet? Do you have you tips on how to complete these missions that we failed to mention? Then go on and share them in the comments. Add Comment.
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