FrontierVille: Gingerbread House cross-promo links


Are you building your Gingerbread House in FrontierVille, but are having difficulty accessing Treasure Isle, Mafia Wars, and CityVille through the in-game links in the Gingerbread House menu? You're not alone, as even the team here has had issues activating the exclusive FrontierVille missions in these three games - those missions that must be completed, as you'll recall, to complete the construction of the Gingerbread House in FrontierVille proper.

For a few moments, the links within the game will work, but then they will mysteriously, and randomly stop functioning, turning into a broken link that will lead you to an equally broken page when clicked. These links will work for a few minutes, or even a matter of hours, before breaking again (we've only gotten them to work twice in as many days), so to solve the issue for everyone, Zynga has released a set of universal links that all players can click on in order to activate the FrontierVille missions in CityVille, Treasure Isle, and Mafia Wars.

Here are the links, for your clicking pleasure:

CityVille Cross Promotion
Treasure Isle Cross Promotion
Mafia Wars Cross Promotion

And there you have it! A surefire way to skip the annoying in-game glitches found with this event, until Zynga can permanently fix them. Considering as its the holidays, we doubt they'll be in any hurry to do so, so use these links for now just to be safe.

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Have you been able to complete your Gingerbread House in FrontierVille twice, or even the first time? Let us know in the comments.