FrontierVille 12 Days of Christmas Goals: Everything you need to know for Day Eight

On the Eighth Day O' Christmas
On the Eighth Day O' Christmas

It's time to go huntin' this Christmas in the eighth day of FrontierVille's 12 Days of Christmas Goals series. Today, in "On the Eighth Day O' Christmas," it's all about clobbering some Groundhogs, but you'll need to coax them out of the ground. Thankfully, part of this Goal is to do just that. Apparently, these little buggers love Potatoes, so plant 28 of them and another 38 Tomatoes for good measure.

Your total cost for all 66 crops is going to be 3,740 coins and take over four hours to plant and harvest at least, but that's if you even have the room for so many crops. Between 66 crops harvested, you're sure to find at least 8 Groundhogs, but remember that the chance is random. If you're looking to get this Goal done quickly, you could always use a Boost from the Upgraded General Store, but that will set you back pretty far. Complete this Goal and a Boost Set for both Potatoes and Tomatoes is all yours. Gee, thanks for giving us something we could have used four hours ago. (Don't you hate when that happens?)

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