CityVille: Start unwrapping your Holiday Presents now!

CityVille Presents are ready!
CityVille Presents are ready!

UPDATE: It seems as though things aren't as user friendly with this event as we first believed. At the time of this post's original writing, present counters weren't being reset when presents were being opened, but some users have reported losing Holiday Present progress more recently. If you've yet to complete your Holiday Tree - open presents at your own risk!

Happy holidays readers! I hope you've been collecting a lot of Holiday Presents in CityVille, because if you have, you'll now be greeted with a very special treat - the ability to actual open those presents and find out what's inside! Similar to the first Holiday celebration in FarmVille (last year), each and every individual gift that you've received from friends can be opened.

To open these presents, all you'll need to do is click on your Holiday Tree in your town, no matter how far along you are in building it. To be clear, you'll need to click on the Holiday Tree each time you'd like to unwrap an individual present. That present will disappear from your tally in your inventory, as it has been "opened," but your progress in the Holiday Tree quests will stay the same. No need to worry about losing progress as you open presents - the total amount of presents that you had before you started opening gifts is where you will stay (thankfully).

Each gift can come with a different prize, or you can wind up with duplicates. While we work on accumulating a complete list of the available presents, here are some of the items that we've received inside:

50 coins
Plastic Snowman
Plastic Penguin
Individual square of Chocolate Sidewalk
(in our experience, this is the most common decoration awarded)
Panda Ice Sculpture
1 XP
25 Goods
Hanging Flower

+1 or +2 Energy Refill
Red Holiday Tree
Lion Ice Sculpture

CityVille Plastic Snowman
CityVille Plastic Snowman

As you open presents, items like the coins, experience points, goods and energy can be clicked on as normal bonus objects, and they will be automatically added to their respective totals. All decorative items will go into your inventory, where they can be used as decorative items around your town.

Depending on how many gifts you've received, you will likely end up with a ton of duplicates. However, for a free item, the chance of receiving free Goods makes opening each present individual worth the trouble, at least in my opinion.

Update: Of course, after you've opened all 10 presents, you get the following "special message" from Zynga...

CityVille Holiday Tree Special Message from Zynga
CityVille Holiday Tree Special Message from Zynga

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What have you guys received from your Holiday Presents in CityVille? Let us know in the comments!