Cafe World: Daily Holiday Tree presents now available


If you've taken the time to build your Holiday Tree in Cafe World, remember that starting today, you can receive your free daily gift from Zynga. That's right, the developer itself is giving away these prizes, as a than you to users for their dedication over the past year. These gifts will be available until the first week of January, and can come in all forms, shapes, or sizes. Today's free gift, for instance, is a single free Cafe Cash.

Sure, 1 Cafe Cash may not be that great of a prize, but it's free, so we really can't complain. All you have to do to earn your free gifts is to log into the game once per day and then click on your Holiday Tree to receive that day's prize. If you don't receive a prize on subsequent days, but know that you should, we'd suggest waiting until it has been a full 24 hours before trying to collect your next prize, just to be safe.

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What else do you hope Zynga gives away through this promotion? Coins, or more Cafe Cash? Let us know in the comments.