UnitedHealth Group Has 3,200 Job Openings

unitedhealth group
unitedhealth group

UnitedHealth Group, like so many players in the health care space, is in a hiring mode. Right now, UnitedHealth told Fortune, it has 3,200 openings across the nation, with the biggest demand in information technology and clinical practices.

Essentially, the company puts the burden on you to figure out what it's looking for in candidates. That is, it's not spelling out what the success factors are in that corporate culture. Sure, it hammers that its mission is helping human beings live healthier lives -- but that's quite abstract.

To gain a more concrete handle on what a job applicant should be bringing, it is useful to gather information not issued by UnitedHealth but about it. Yes, research features, commentary and security analysts deconstruction of where UnitedHealth was, where it is now, and where it wants to be. Ask what is the competition now and what kind of competition is emerging. How could technology be a game changer? Then connect the dots as to what kind of employee can create the most value.

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