Consulthing Group Needs an Ivy League MBA : Why?

ivy league mba harvard
ivy league mba harvard

A Westport, Conn.,Craigslist help wanted ad reads:

"We are a Research Insights Firm looking for a recent graduate with an Ivy League MBA to review and interpret existing research for one of the biggest brands in the country."

Was there ever a time in the business world when it was considered that a candidate with a business master's from an Ivy League school was automatically better qualified to provide analytical and interpretative skills than a non-Ivy League graduate?

Job listings like this one are fascinating since they exclude all of the talent, skill and experience that exist in the job pool but are outside the scope of their narrow search criteria. The listing makes you wonder if they'd feel all right hiring an Ivy League MBA that squeaked by and graduated toward the bottom of his class.

It would be interesting to find out how the consulting company's client feels about all this (the one that is one of the "biggest brands" in the United States). Would they be proud or embarrassed by the methods that their paid advisers are using to staff talent?