How to Find a Quality Online Degree

online degree value
online degree value

While online degrees were once largely seen as being second-rate, recent studies have reported that employers are not only more open to, but are even showing a favorable sentiment toward candidates with online degrees these days.

One such study, conducted by Excelsior College/Zogby International, found that 61 percent of CEOs and small-business owners were familiar with online degree programs -- and 83 percent of those considered online degrees equivalent to those earned in a traditional classroom.

Besides the increase in reputation these programs are experiencing, online degrees have also become so popular, that if employers were to disregard candidates with such degrees, they'd also be disqualifying a significant portion of the work force.

A recent study conducted by education marketing firm EducationDynamics shows that, since 1999, enrollment in online degree programs has increased nearly 1,000 percent; and, according to another study by Babson Survey Research Group, at least 4.6 million students in the United States were taking at least one online class during the fall 2008 term, the most recent period from which data is available.