FrontierVille Gingerbread Man Goals: Everything you need to know

Building the Gingerbread Man a Home
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If you thought you were done with the scrumptious-looking Gingerbread House in FrontierVille, think again. As it turns out, the Gingerbread Man's stay on the homestead is part of a series of three Goals starting with "Building the Gingerbread Man a Home." And if you followed our guide on how to build it, you've already got the hardest part of this Goal out of the way.

As for the other two requirements, you've been asked to plant five Fruit Trees. This means that you can plant five fruit-bearing trees of any kind to fulfill this portion of the Goal. So, if you're living on the cheap, just go with five Cherry Trees. That will only cost you a total of 3,100 coins and will be ready harvest in the least amount of time, which leads us to the final requirement. All you need to do is harvest or water 20 fruit trees on your homestead. If you don't have 20 trees already, this will take some extra cash and time, but for those with bigger homesteads this should be easy pickings. Enjoy the 150 XP, 250 coins and Light Snack as a reward for your hard work.

Find out how to best complete Part II and III of the Gingerbread Man Goals after the break.

Eaten Gingerbread HousePart II of the Gingerbread Man Goals requires the unthinkable (and, if the forums are any indication, annoying): you must eat the Gingerbread House. I guess your pioneer, after witnessing its sweet, cavity-inducing glory, decided that they just could not resist. Well, that's my suspension of disbelief, anyway. And to go with that delicious Gingerbread House, you'll need two Milk from the Cow Collection and 15 Cloth (napkins... get it?). As always, Cloth comes from visiting friends, but if you don't have any Milk saved you'll have to try your luck at finding it at random from tending Cows. Once this is completed, 200 XP, 500 coins and 75 Food await you.

Brace yourselves, Part III is somewhat of a doozie. You're going to have to rebuild that Gingerbread House you just gorged. Let that sink in a little bit before we move on. You're good? Great. Now, this means that you'll need to do the same three cross-game Goals again and ask for the same three items from friends, according to several forum members whose posts have since been removed. But that's not all. In addition to rebuilding the little guy's crib, you will also have to harvest any crop 150 times and harvest 50 of your friends' fruit trees. While you don't have to harvest the same 150 crops, you're probably better off just picking one crop and sticking to it like the Clovers or Tomatoes, the cheapest, fastest crops in the game. Either way, this Goal is going to be time consuming for most, to say the least. You're reward for getting there and back again will be 450 XP, 2,500 coins and a Mini Gingerbread House. Now that you know what to do, go on and make that Gingerbread Man one happy cookie.

[Via FrontierVille Wiki]

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