FrontierVille 12 Days of Christmas Goals: Everything you need to know for Day Nine

On the Ninth Day O' Christmas
On the Ninth Day O' Christmas

By now, you're probably overwhelmed with holiday-themed things to do in FrontierVille, but you must press on. And we're here to help. Today, Zynga unlocked "On the Ninth Day O' Christmas" in the 12 Days of Christmas series of Goals. Once again, seasoned players will have little to no trouble with this Goal (although it can quickly become time consuming), but players who are relatively new to the game have quite a lot of work do.

First things first, you're going to need a completed Schoolhouse to complete this task, so why don't you new players check out this detailed guide (courtesy of FrontierVille Wiki) on how to complete it and come on back when you're ready? Once that's through, you'll need to collect the Daily Bonus from the Schoolhouse twice. So, this Goal is obviously going to take at least two days--just take your time. Next, you have to find a Lunchbox. Conveniently enough, they happen to be part of the Schoolhouse Collection, so you might come across one while collecting those two Daily Bonuses, but it is random. All the while, you will need to ask your friends for 10 Book Reports, which will be used up in the Goal. Fulfill all three requirements and this Goal will be in the bag faster than that torn-up wrapping paper Christmas morning with 90 XP and 900 coins waiting for you.

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