FarmVille New Years Sneak Peek: Sign, Band, Confetti Tree, Disco Sheep, Horse & More

If you thought the Party Barn / New Year's Ball Drop event would be the one and only set of New Years items that we'd see released in FarmVille, think again, as we have come across a slew of new New Year's Eve themed items that are currently unreleased, but we're expecting to be added to the game in the very near future (perhaps in an update this weekend, if things go as scheduled in the world of FarmVille updates).

The items are as pictured, from left to right at the top of this post: New Year Horse, New Year Foal, Confetti Tree, Disco Ball Tree, Disco Sheep, Cider Fountain, New Year's Eve Sign, New Year's Eve Band, Glitter Palm Fireworks, Dahlia Fireworks.

The names of these items are subject to change at any time, and remember that there is no guarantee as to whether or not we'll actually see these items officially released in the game, so keep in that mind (however, we would be surprised if they all didn't show up in one form or another).

Also, we've read on the official FarmVille forums that some users are receiving Discoball Trees already from Mystery Seedlings. We are working to confirm, and will let you know if they are indeed already available in the game. Keep checking back with us for more.

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What do you think of the New Year's Eve Party in FarmVille so far? Let us know your thoughts on these unreleased items in the comments!
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