FarmVille Holiday Avatar Costumes: Polar Bear & Snowman


Still looking for that perfect holiday costume for your avatar in FarmVille? How about a costume that will last you through the holiday season and the rest of winter to boot? If you've said yes, then you might be interested in the two newest offerings that have been added to FarmVille this week.

The costumes are the Polar Bear and Snowman costumes. Both of these costumes are limited edition, and are part of the Winter Holiday theme of items, giving them a time limit of 17 days remaining in the game's store. They are both premium, costing 10 Farm Cash each. For purchasing either costume, you'll gain 350 experience points as a reward.

If you've spent most of your Farm Cash on other items this holiday season, remember that Zynga has offered compensation to those users affected by the many glitches in the Snowman event, which we told you about earlier this week, so you may have 20 free Farm Cash on hand and not even know it. Conveniently enough, that's just what these costumes would cost to add to your wardrobe. Whether or not you do in fact purchase them, though, is of course up to you.

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What do you think of these newest costumes? How many holiday costumes have you purchased for your avatar this month? Let us know in the comments.