CityVille: Inventory Limit raised to 500 - keep collecting those presents!


By now, most CityVille players are probably knee-deep in presents, snow, and holiday lights as they try to decorate their land for the holidays, and build their very own Holiday Tree to celebrate. However, with the addition of the Holiday Tree quests came a very real concern on the part of users concerning the current inventory limit of 250 individual items.

As those participating in the Holiday Tree quests can tell you, sending presents back and forth, to and from friends can fill up your inventory, and fast, especially when taking all of the other items a user might have in their inventory into account. All you need is a group of very active players sending each other presents, free gifts, and the like daily, or even two or three times per day (where applicable), and suddenly that 250 item limit isn't nearly enough. Redeem a few collections here, send a few energy bonuses there... you get the idea.

Zynga had already increased the limit from the initial cap of 100 items to 250 about a week ago, but that clearly hasn't been enough to satisfy users, so the team has doubled the inventory cap - bringing the current cap to 500 items. Surely, this will be more than enough space to at least give users a chance to collect all of their bonuses and free gifts, even if they choose to sell most of those items therein in order to free up some space.

What does this mean for the Holiday Tree quests? It means you can now send free gifts until your heart is content, resting easy that your friends will (most likely) now have the room to hold them, and that's a great feeling indeed.

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Have you ever filled your inventory in CityVille? What do you think of the idea of an unlimited inventory system in CityVille? Let us know in the comments.