Michael Douglas' Ex Drops Home Price $5M

Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas's ex-wife Diandra Douglas, who he wed in 1977 and divorced in 2000, certainly has been through plenty this year, including the April 2010 incarceration of her and Michael's son, Cameron, for drug dealing (at left, Diandra and Michael at sentencing). She has also sued her Academy-Award-winning former spouse for a piece of his earnings from this year's sequel to Wall Street. Now Diandra has shaved $5 million off the list price of her home in Montecito, Calif. Diedre Woollard of our sister site, Luxist.com, has the scoop. Photos of the home on the jump.

Finally a dose ofreal estatewisdom fromDiandra Douglas. We've been following the saga of Michael Douglas' ex-wife as she fights for a share of Michael Douglas' earnings from Wall Street 2:Money Never Sleeps. Her case, which hinges on a clause in their divorce that said that she was entitled to profits from spin-offs from his existing projects, was rejected in New York but is currently under consideration in California. All the while, Douglas has kept her Montecito, Calif.,homefirmly priced at $29 million for nearly a year. But when I looked recently the price had beendropped down to $24 million.