Intel to Hire More than 1,600

intel careers
intel careers

Intel, like most technology companies, is currently hiring. Right now Intel has openings for more than 1,600 technical employees and engineers, both for entry-level positions and for seasoned professionals, reports Fortune. Some of the areas of expertise in demand at the company are circuit design, software development, hardware specialist, and system designers.

It's no surprise that as an innovative force in technology, Intel wants its employees to wake up every morning thinking about how they are going to create the next technological breakthrough. That requires hiring employees that are confident enough to blow off others who tell them that their vision is impossible.

If you're thinking of applying for one of these openings, consider your recent accomplishments and how they fit in to Intel's culture of experimentation and innovation. Communicate these accomplishments in a way that shows you're a team player and are completely at home amidst a continually changing environment.

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