Love Mafia Wars? Then prove it and join the "I Love Mafia Wars" Family

Mafia Wars Logo
Mafia Wars Logo

Well, do you? Then Zynga is asking you to prove your devotion and join the brand new "I Love Mafia Wars" Family for exclusive benefits. However, signing up requires what some players would deem the unthinkable: providing your e-mail and mailing address to Zynga (especially since the fiasco earlier this season). For those who are OK with giving that information up, enticing benefits await them like:

  • Beta access to new features and releases (you'll be one of the first)

  • Exclusive Contests and Prizes for members

  • Email notifications of upcoming features

  • Priority registration to MW Fan events

  • Periodic "Member Only" promotions

  • Other Benefits to come!

To guaranteed access to beta content before anyone else is certainly appealing, but is worth giving up your e-mail much less you mailing address? That's up for you to decide, but mobsters who are already interested can sign up right here. Now, if only a program like this was around when those premium MADE in Vegas tickets were still on sale. As for some of the "other benefits to come," how does early access to this supposed Mafia Wars 2 sound?

Have you decided to join the I Love Mafia Wars Family yet? Do you think the perks are worth giving up that information? Speak your mind in the comments. Add Comment.