FrontierVille Storage Space III Timed Mission: Everything you need to know


For those of you that have been keeping up with the various Storage Shed expansion missions in FrontierVille, you'll be happy to learn that the third and final mission in this trio has been released.

Appropriately, the mission is called "Storage Space III," and for those that have completed Storage Space I and II, released over the past two weeks, this will give you the chance to earn your final five free additional storage shed slots, so that you can store more items from your Frontier. This is a timed mission, only being available for three days once you accept it. To be clear, you have all the way up until January 7 to accept this quest, but once you do, you only have three days to complete it.

There are three tasks in this mission, and they will prove to be quite a challenge for those players with no debris or crops on their land:

Clobber 5 Groundhogs
Clobber 10 Snakes
Collect 10 Crowbars

You'll need to draw Snakes out on your land by clearing rocks, thorns, or skulls, and you can bring out Groundhogs by harvesting crops. As for the Crowbars, you'll be able to ask your friends to help you by posting a general wall post to your news feed so that you friends can send you a crowbar. This is a "Give one, get one" situation, so everyone that decides to help you will receive a Crowbar in return (and vice versa).

The rewards for this new mission are the aforementioned five free slots in your Storage Shed, along with 400 experience points and 750 coins - not a bad deal, if you can manage to lure out 15 varmints in a three day time.

Have you completed the other two Storage Shed missions? How are you liking your expanded Storage Shed? Let us know in the comments.