MLM Success: Young Mother Gets in the Game With Discovery Toys

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Becky Gaviola of Boise, Idaho, always thought of herself as the corporate type. Someone who went to work in an office, on a set schedule, and someone who had no time for things like MLM companies or home-based businesses. Until she had lunch with another mother and her toddler, and took a trip down memory lane.

While at lunch, Becky and her friend began reminiscing about a certain marble toy they both had when they were younger. The more they spoke, the more Becky admitted that she felt that timeless toys did not seem to exist anymore. Her friend then told Becky about Discovery Toys (DT) and within minutes, Becky's interest was piqued.

"I started looking into DT and the closest team leader to me was almost 400 miles away. I did research, because I used to work in retail and know that you cannot endorse a product or sell it until you use it yourself."

The more Becky learned about DT, the more she liked its mission and wanted to be a part of it. "I support the mission and what these toys are trying to accomplish by educating kids and parents alike, and I have been in love with it ever since."

Being the type of person that needs something to do at all times, Becky took the DT plunge on July 11, 2010 and raced up the company ranks to the fourth level, becoming a team leader by October.

Start-up costs

discovery toys Becky Gaviola Becky's starter kit was $125 and included $400 worth of toys, catalogs, access to the company website, training, videos and newsletters, personal contact with her team leader and access to weekly meetings that are led by the company director from Texas.

Nothing is required and the company gives three months to pay back the initial $125 investment. "It's great in this economy," says Becky. "You do two to three hours worth of work and make back your money after that initial investment and then you have that $125 to buy gas, go out to dinner or take a trip to the grocery store."

Time commitment

Becky is extremely busy now that the holiday season is upon us, but says that her Discovery Toys job averages out to part-time work. "Some weeks I put in full-time hours, but then other times I won't work for two weeks at all."


The hourly rate is not too shabby either. Hosting a party takes about two hours and you can make about $100 profit, or $50 per hour. On average, Becky says she makes about $800 per month just from her own commissions, but then enjoys other bonuses when her team members make sales or her team performs extremely well.

Pros and cons

From a business standpoint, Becky values the support she has received from DT and the fact that she is completely in charge. "I can make my own schedule, and I never have to call in and risk letting people down if I tell them my son is sick. I love that control."

Becky has not yet experienced any drawbacks to the business, other than the slight stigma that is often attached to many direct sales (DS) companies. "A lot of people I encounter look down on these companies because it's not your typical corporate job. I am working to show people that these are not only quality products, but that you don't have to drive all over town to get them."

Becky enjoys running this DS business because she knows of so many families that need that little extra income each month but can't seem to find it because they also require workplace flexibility. Or mothers who need that little extra outlet of their own. This company has shown Becky that she can have all of those things, as well as great toys for her little one to enjoy.

Advice from Becky

"Anyone can do this -- it's just a matter of putting yourself out there and going out of your comfort zone." You may get 20 people that say no, but the 21st may say yes, and that is what drives you," she says. "I am not a small talker, but this is great for personal achievement because it makes me more confident. The more I do, the more confident I become, and the more sales I make."

Becky says she plans to work with Discovery Toys as long as she can. Also, "I would like to get more involved with the school districts and our toys geared toward children with special needs."

"It gets everyone back together. You get down on the floor with your kids and play with these toys and it makes everything less obnoxious and complicated. Our toys grow with kids and last forever."

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