FrontierVille Caroling Collection: Harvest things at random for success

Caroling Collection
Caroling Collection

Large Wreath
Large Wreath

That's the way to do it, folks. Along with the 12 Days of Christmas Goals in FrontierVille comes a brand new collection with absolutely no rhyme or reason. The Caroling Collection can be completed right now, but at the moment there is no solid information on how to better your chances at nabbing each item. Here are all five items that you'll essentially find at random:

  • Sheet Music

  • Tuning Fork

  • Caroling Candle

  • Hand Bell

  • Music Stand

With players reporting over on FrontierVille Wiki finding the items through almost every task imaginable from tending Neighbors' Pigs to collecting the Cabin Daily Bonus, we honestly can't say how exactly to complete this Collection. Though, finding all five items will reward you with one Large Wreath (pictured right) and 100 XP. Considering its random nature, we imagine this Collection will only be around for a limited time. So, erm, go about your business as usual and the Caroling Collection should be yours... eventually.

[Via FrontierVille Wiki]

[Image Credit: Zynga]

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