Top 10 Favorite Stories of 2010: Editor's Picks

compilation image top 10 Job news, unemployment statistics, and resume advice can only get you so far -- sometimes, the greatest help comes from stories of real people going through circumstances you can relate to. Whether you're looking for motivation, inspiration, or just a feeling that you're not alone, this list of our top 10 favorite stories of 2010 is sure to give you at least a little of each.

highest paying jobs 1. Are You a 99er? Unemployment Benefits are Over, What to Do?

Stories of how this summer's Senate decision to let unemployment benefits expire at the 99-week mark affected two very different real-life Americans. For one it meant the loss of a helpful and necessary support system, while for the other it was a crutch that encouraged apathy.

Mollee Harper Photo 2. My Unemployed Life, The Forgotten Woman

One woman's heartfelt, first-person account, of how losing a job led her down a dark road of not only unemployment and financial obstacles but also the social loss of friends and family and the desperate feeling of falling through the cracks in the system.

Mariann Donato Photo 3. Hire This 'Guy': Mariann Donato

Meet Mariann Donato, a woman who lost her job after a 30-year career in publishing. Lacking a college degree and older than many in the job market, Mariann presents her case to job search expert Tory Johnson and gets a personalized plan of action that includes advice, feedback and encouragement.

Walmart Greeter Fight 4. Wal-Mart to Greeter: Fight With Customer, Lose Your Job

As one ex-Wal-Mart employee can testify, sometimes the line between right and wrong, between unnecessary violence and self-defense, gets blurred. In the course of doing his job and defending himself against attack, the employee violated company policy and was let go.

10 Year Old Alligator Wrestler 5. 10-Year-Old Wrestles Alligators, and Other Dangerous Jobs for Kids

Jobs for children and teens aren't all babysitting and ice cream parlor gigs, as proven by one 10-year-old girl who runs an alligator wrestling business on a farm in Colorado and trains U.S. soldiers to tackle deadly predators. And her job isn't even on the "five worst teen jobs of 2010" list.

Jim Kennedy Photo 6. Jim Kennedy: Hotel-Dwelling Homeless Guy Gets Job

When Kennedy lost his corporate development job almost two years ago, he also lost his home -- a Newport Beach, Calif., condo -- and although he recently found a new job, he's still homeless and living out of hotels, since no landlords seem to be willing to take a chance on him.

Theresa Brown Photo 7. Critical Care with Theresa Brown

A review and Q&A session with Theresa Brown, author of 'Critical Care', a book not only about being a nurse in the medical oncology field but also about changing careers mid-stream, finding your calling, and embracing life with both hands.

Tom Anelli Photo 8. 'The DWI Guy' Talks About His Sobering Job Defending Drunk Drivers

Attorney Tom Anelli talks about why he chose to be "the DWI guy" in the first place, the surprising reasons that make DWI law so complex, and the downsides of choosing such a stressful and controversial career.

Rob Chilton Photo 9. My Layoff Landed Me in Africa

After 34-year-old Rob Chilton lost his magazine job not once but twice, he decided to spend some time volunteering in Africa. An adventure that not only taught him some important things about himself and what he wants to do with his life, but also inspired him to push harder, keep moving, and keep the drive alive.

Christina Peterson Photo 10. Quitting My Job Saved My Life

In an environment where so many are fighting a losing battle to keep their jobs, Christina Peterson walked away from hers of her own volition. She had no plan, no college degree, and no prospects but knew only that she wasn't happy or healthy and that she had to get out. And as it happens, it was the best decision she ever made.

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