Ex-NBA Star Rony Seikaly Rankles Agent

Ex-NBA star Rony Seikaly is being called on a foul by his former real estate agent. The agent alleges that the Lebanese-born Seikaly, who played for the Miami Heat from 1988 to 1994, owes him a commission on the sale of his $14 million home on North Bay Road.

Mirce "Miki" Curkoski, an agent with One Sotheby's International Realty, says he had been showing the house for two years and keeping in touch with Seikaly about potential buyers. But Curkoski is now filing a suit for a 6 percent commission of $840,000 on the total $14 million sale. Curkoski says he found out about the sale like everyone else, in the Monday morning newspaper through the Miami Daily Business Review.

The players here include eventual buyer Raul M. Claure, who manages MCL Real Estate and is chairman, founder and CEO of Miami-based wireless company Brightstar, his wife and Mr. Claure's sister-in-law who had been showing the property to his wife.

"During this entire time, I was showing Mrs. Claure other properties for sale in a similar price range and luxury as Seikaly's, never aware that his sister-in-law was still going back to Rony Seikaly's property for consideration," Curkoski told AOL Real Estate.

"Every time I showed them a house the answer was 'No, no it doesn't work,' and a few weeks ago I asked the sister-in-law showing the house if they would consider Rony's house and that I had some additional homes I wanted to show her for the wife's consideration. We had an appointment set for Tuesday, and on Monday, the sale happened."

Curkoski felt betrayed and immediately texted Seikaly giving him the opportunity to make the situation right and he has yet to respond. So he has retained Jeffrey Rubinstein, principal with Rubinstein and Associates located in Miami's Palmetto Bay area to represent him.

Rubinstein explains that between the $11.5 million sale of the 9-bedroom, 10-bath house, along with the $2.5 million
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transferred deed from Claure to Seikaly on a Murano Grande Tower four-bedroom condo at 400 Alton Road is how they came to the $14 million total.

"We will be sending a demand letter to Rony Seikaly, and if that is not complied with we will be filing suit," Rubinstein told AOL Real Estate. "We are going to make a claim on the $14 million that changed hands, since was no broker involved because the buyer's broker was a relative and so nothing was claimed. That's what we believe we can prove at this point in time."

Both Rubinstein, who recalls Seikaly being his tenant in the mid-1980s to early 1990s and Curkoski hold no ill will toward Seikaly, both realizing it is possible that Seikaly was not privy to any of this. "I've dealt with Rony for over two years and he's a great guy," says Curkosi. "Very nice, very polite, always made the house available to show it. This was definitely unexpected."

North Bay Road also is home to actor Matt Damon and current NBA superstars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

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