CityVille Holiday Decorations still without payout increases

Decorations have no payout increase
Decorations have no payout increase

While you're building that massive Holiday Tree for your city in CityVille, why not add some places for your citizens to finish that last minute shopping? In a recent update the game, Zynga added a few new Businesses to the game in addition to some decorations, but they still have no stats attached to them. Check it out:

  • Gingerbread Man (2 City Cash)

  • Saint Bernard (5 City Cash)

  • Lawn Carolers (10 City Cash)

  • Mall Santa (30 City Cash)

In what we hope is a bug, those four decorations have zero payout increases attached to them. A word to the wise, avoid these decorations until an official statement has been made by Zynga in the forums or the developer stealthily changes them. Until then, enjoy some new Businesses to prep your people for the big day.

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Have you purchased any of these decorations yet? Would you buy those decorations regardless of what we hope is a bug? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.